The Importance of a Concealed Carry Permit

Written By John Martin


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Published: 09/19/2022

Carrying a concealed firearm can make all the difference in protecting you and others. As Florida state gun laws maintain the importance of using firearms wisely, so does Gotham Firearms, with our concealed carry permit program to get you certified for proper gun usage. In this blog, we’ve included the most important reasons to have a concealed carry permit. Learn more about our great firearm services today!

State Certified

Becoming state certified with a concealed carry permit allows you to put your knowledge and practice to fruition when it comes to the leisure of hunting or the importance of being prepared to stop attempts at criminal acts in self-defense, if needed. Gotham Firearms offers the tools and resources to become state certified under Florida state gun law quickly.

Catch Up On Modern Firearm Technology

Firearms are more than the handguns you see police carry and use. As technology has improved, so has the utility and practicality of firearms. The classes at Gotham Firearms come packed with the knowledge to get anyone up to speed with the innovations and practicality of modern firearm technology.

Protect Your Family

Taking your concealed carry course with Gotham Firearms will guarantee an increase in firearm competency via aim improvement and handling high-pressure situations. Keep your family protected with a certified defensive measure backed by the teachings of our professionals by signing up today!

Courses Increase Competency

Speaking of competency, we offer other firearm courses that will keep any gun owner well-rounded as they drastically improve while staying certified. From NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting to our USCCA Home Defense and Basic Handgun Courses, there’s a class that will help you improve your firearm skills.

Having a concealed carry permit can make all the difference in keeping you and your loved ones safe. Contact us today to learn more about our additional courses that can improve your gun safety skills.

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