Our Story

Growing up in Queens NY back in the mid-’80s, I never saw myself as a gun owner. Guns were something for cops, robbers, and the military. But when I became an adult and became a father, I realized how the world was changing and what was going on around me. I heard about an almost child abduction involving a young woman and her infant at a local store and it was then that I decided I had to do more.

My wife and I had just had our child, so it hit home because this happened practically in our backyard at a store she frequently went to. I realized that I needed to do more to protect my family. So, I decided after work one night to go to the range and shoot a firearm. I got lucky it was a Friday night and it happened to be men’s night. The gun rental and targets were free and I had an opportunity to try out different types of firearms. I tried several that night. I didn’t feel really confident about how they felt in my hand and I was nervous as to whether or not I could really commit to owning a firearm. I went home that night and told my wife where I went that evening and what I was considering. She was not pleased with the idea and wasted no time making that clear.

I started watching a few guns and ammo shows for reference. During one of these shows, I saw an ad offering a deal on a new bundle purchase which included the firearm, extra magazines, a holster, and a few other things. I thought about it and decided if I was going to get a firearm, that sounded like a good deal. I researched this company and found a shop that had this firearm in stock. When I went there and tried out a few of the models, the one, in particular, fit me like a glove. It had a great grip and I felt comfortable with it in my hand. I knew it was the one, so I bought it. When I got home and I told my wife that we were now gun owners, she was shocked, dismayed, and unhappy that I went ahead and did this without discussing it with her.

That one gun was the beginning of my journey. I bought some bulk ammo and I would go to the range once or twice a week to get more comfortable. I took a class at the range to help align my sights so I knew what I would be shooting at and work on my accuracy. The more I practiced, the more efficient I became. Then the COVID pandemic hit and shut down the whole country for the most part. That is when I decided to take a security class to receive my D license. I wanted to train more and sharpen my skillset so I studied for and received my G license for armed security. I work for two companies, one was unarmed and one was in an armed position. Now my training had excelled, the more I learned the more I wanted to continue all facets of firearms.

I enrolled in school for an Associates’ degree in firearm technology, for which I am still attending and hoping to finish later this year. With all the work and training that I put in, I know with all my heart that I can protect my family if I needed to. I don’t ever want anyone to be in a helpless position the way the woman was in that store. She was lucky and nothing happened to her child thanks to people that were in that store to help her.

I have made it my mission to be able to teach people how not to be afraid and how to protect and preserve human life with a firearm, if they choose. I became a firearm instructor through the NRA and now started my business, Gotham Firearm Training. Please join me in the mission to protect our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, and to provide a safe environment in which we do it. it is our right and our duty to be trained how to properly and safely carry daily to protect and preserve human life.